Historical Aircraft Display Days
  Agua Dulce, CA 1st Saturday 9am-4pm
  Chino, CA 1st Saturday Base of the tower, 10am-2pm, 4 hour display req'd
  Gillespie Field, CA 1st Saturday At terminal building, 845am - 10am, Phyllis Trombi
  Santa Paula, CA 1st Sunday At museum adjacent restaurant
  Camarillo 2nd Saturday Waypoint Cafe
  Catalina Airport, CA 2nd Saturday 10am-2pm, $25 landing fee non aeroclub members
  Corona, CA 2nd Saturday At the restaurant
  Fox Field, CA 2nd Saturday
  Reid Hillview Airport 2nd Saturday 11-3 at the terminal
  Apple Valley, CA 2nd Sunday
  Borrego Valley, CA 2nd Sunday 1-2pm, Viki Cole
  Brown Field, CA 2nd Sunday
  Fullerton, CA 2nd Sunday In front of Wings Cafe, Bob Carver/Chuck Davis
  Whiteman Airport, CA 2nd Sunday
  Big Bear, CA 3rd Saturday Available all day
  Flabob, CA 3rd Saturday All day, EAA pancake breakfast 8-11am
  Mohave, CA 3rd Saturday
  Brackett Field, CA 3rd Sunday Next to terminal building
  Chino, CA 3rd Sunday Base of the tower, 10am-2pm, 4 hour display req'd
  Montgomery Field, CA 3rd Sunday MYF Historical A/C Display, 12-2pm, Clark Andrews
  Ramona, CA 3rd Sunday Cruiseair, Pacific Executive, Chuck Hall Av, 1-2pm
  Gillespie Field, CA 4th Saturday 11am-12pm, Safari Aviation West, East end Hanger
  Riverside Airport, CA 4th Saturday Ends at noon, Eden Block
  El Monte, CA 4th Sunday Display with Half-Off Coupon for the restaurant
  Torrance, CA 4th Sunday At the Museum
  Rosamond Skypark, CA Last Saturday FBO Transient-Doug Triplat (661)256-8433
  Fallbrook Airport, CA Last Sunday Transient Ramp, Measow Chase